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Counselling in Worthing


Counselling offers you a regular time and safe space to share your thoughts, feelings and difficulties, explore possible solutions and become able, through a greater sense of self-awareness, knowledge and well-being, to make changes if you choose to do so.

Counselling may help you face major changes in your life: separation, divorce, redundancy, bereavement, long-term illness or disability affecting you or someone close to you. Anxiety, depression, stress, trauma or difficulties at home or work can all be explored.

Counselling offers insights into how you relate with others; invaluable when relationships, whether at home or work, are a source of tension.

You will have time to talk and be. Space to be yourself and be heard without comparison or judgement.

Sally Hunt, the Counsellor at space2talk offers counselling at 24 Liverpool Gardens, Worthing, BN11 1RY.  You will have the opportunity to resolve whatever difficulty is concerning you - the list below gives some idea of the areas which bring people to work with Sally, but if you would describe your problem in another way or find it hard to name at all, then please do still contact Sally.


Abortion Loss and endings
Abuse Low self-confidence
Affairs & betrayals  Low self-esteem
Anger management Menopause 

Miscarriage, however early or late in pregnancy, and still birth

Assertiveness Neglect
Bereavement  Passive aggressive behaviour
Boarding School Physical abuse
Bullying & harassment Physical illness and trauma
Cancer Post-traumatic stress
Career Postnatal depression 
Carer support Pregnancy & birth
Child related issues  Redundancy 
Cot Death, Sudden Infant Death Relationship issues
Depression  Relocation
Disability- you or someone close Retirement
Domestic violence  Separation & divorce
Ectopic or molar pregnancy  Sexual abuse
Emotional abuse Stress
Family issues Terminal illness
Ill-health - you or someone close Trauma
Infertility  Work-related issues: disciplinary, suspension, sickness absence, grievance procedure



Some of the events triggering these difficulties may have happened a long time ago - perhaps when you were a child.  If they are concerning you now, please contact Sally - it is never too late to look at your past and live more comfortably now with greater hope for your future.


Sally Hunt

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