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Compassionate Mind Workshops in West Sussex

Company Wellbeing & Team-building

Short workshops are open to companies wishing to provide wellbeing training and team-building for their employees:  the stresses of deadlines and increased workload can deplete a workforce, a company's prime resource.  Enabling staff to learn how to replenish themselves may enable them to work with greater efficiency and enjoyment.  The workshops provide an opportunity to build a more cohesive team.

Sally has worked for two hours with the amazing Astro To Atlantic team, a group of four women taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, an endurance race unaided across the Atlantic in their 23 foot rowing boat.  Introducing them to the Compassionate Mind Approach: the threats they will face across the ocean, their extraordinary drive and ensuring balanced with the strength and warmth of compassion was "really appreciated".  

In the words of Astro To Atlantic:

"Thank you so much for today, we found it really useful & such a productive session that we can use going forwards. "

Follow the Team's successful journey on their Facebook page.  Their post of 29th September 2018 recommends our work together.


Further Feedback from Compassionate Mind Workshops:

"A very rewarding and informative workshop."

"Sally explained all aspects of the course with sensitivity"

"The handouts after each session are particularly useful."


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